Research and Teaching Program – SAIS

Research and Teaching Program

PhD Program: SAIS welcomes highly motivated students in its PhD programme in the Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences. Students may enter into the PhD program either after successful completion of the MS program at IACS (from any School) or from other Universities/ Institutes after fulfilling the eligibility criteria for PhD. Current research activities at SAIS span over wide ranging emerging interdisciplinary topics of Science and Technology including Soft Matter, Polymer and Supramolecular Science, Colloidal Science, Electronics and Photonics, Liquid Crystals, Drug Delivery, Chemical Biology, Environmental Science and others. Interested students are encouraged to look at the individual faculty page for more information in the research activities of a group at SAIS. Students may then directly contact the particular research group of their choice for further information and availability of a position at a given time.

Postdoctoral Research Program: SAIS welcomes dedicated postdoctoral researchers to the school who are willing to take up challenging research topics in the interdisciplinary and applied sciences. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the research group websites for further information and availability of position at a given time.

SAIS offers two years Master of Science (M. Sc) program in the Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences. The program aims to educate students in the emerging areas of science at the cross discipline of contemporary topics in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. After successful completion of the course, the M. Sc. degrees will be conferred either on Chemistry, Biology or Physics (generally corroborating with the subject in which a particular candidate had obtained the Bachelor’s degree) with specialization in following topics:

(a) M. Sc. in CHEMICAL Sciences (Polymer Science and Soft Matter) (Group C1)

(b) M. Sc. in BIOLOGICAL Sciences (Molecular Biosystems and Biomedicine) (Group B1)

(c) M. Sc. in PHYSICAL Sciences (Soft Matter) (Group P1)

For each specialization, the course structure has been framed in a manner that is appropriate with the background of the student. In addition to the core courses, students will have the opportunity to choose discipline specific electives (DSE). Furthermore, they will be offered generic electives (GE) from a large number of courses offered in the institute in other disciplines including Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Materials. After successful completion of the course, students will be well prepared to enter into a doctoral programme in any of these important and contemporary interdisciplinary areas of research either in the institute (any School subject to clearing the eligibility criteria and consent from the supervisor) or elsewhere.

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